Weekend of April 21 & 22, 2018
Fourth Sunday of Easter

Mass Schedule                                       

Daily Rosary and Mass:Tuesday through Friday. Rosary at 7:45 AM, Mass at 8:00 AM.

Weekends:Saturday, 5:00 PM, Sunday 8:00 AM.

Confessions:Saturday, 3:30 – 4:30 PM

Adoration: 1st Thurs. of the month (6:00 PM) and 1st Fri. of the month (8:00 AM). 

Weekends:Sunday, 10:00 AM.

Confessions: By appointment.

Weekends:Sunday, Noon.

Confessions:By appointment      

Gilbert Rodriguez, Tom Hyde, Carol Lane, Anita Curo, Sue Kierig, Martha Boone, A. J. Samot, Angelo Samot, , Donna Berardi, Secora Nelson, Daniel Vicaldo, Kash Osuna-Sutton, Gabe Dowell, Diana Pico, Clayton Curo, , Dolly Albano, Ray Mayor, Mike Montes, Bobbie Turner, Mary Whitespear, Frank LaChappa, Steve and Vera Tucker, Helen Cadiente, William and Berniece Marrujo

Please check prayer list and add names as desired.


Mass Intentions – April 22, 2018

Weekend Masses:         
Sunday, 8:00 AM         Darrell and Roni Romero
                                    Doreen Romero-Ford
Sunday, 10:00 AM        Community of Viejas
Sunday, Noon              Community of Sycuan



Barona: Classes for Grades K – 8, Thursday 2:45 PM and 4:00 PM

High School, Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Viejas:  Grades K-8,Wednesday,3:30 PM

Sycuan:Grades K-8, Class meets before Sunday Mass 



Grave Blessing, Viejas:Saturday, April 28, 11:00 mass followed by grave blessing

Confirmation:Tuesday, May 1, 7:00PM @ Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish

May Crowning:
Viejas, Sunday, May 6 – Allison Richardson is the May queen, Cecila Richardson is the crown bearer.

Barona, May Crowning Rehearsal, May 17 - 4:00 PM

Barona, Sunday, May 20 – Aerin Scalco is our May queen, Olivia De La Cruz is the crown bearer.

Grave Blessing, Sycuan:  Saturday, June 9, 11:00 mass  followed by grave blessing

Mother’s Day – Sunday, May 13


We are happy that you have chosen to have your child Baptized. Here are some of the requirements that we would like you to be aware of.

Requirements: Parents and godparents must attend one preparation session. Godparents must be confirmed, practicing Catholics, according to Church regulations.

Additional Information: Parents should be attending Mass regularly. They should see Edward Nolan or Father Herman to schedule the preparation session. The date for the Baptism will be set at this time. Only one godparent, of the same gender as the child, is required.

Requirements:Please contact the priest at least nine months prior to the wedding date. If you were baptized in another parish, a baptismal certificate is required. You are required to take the Pre-Cana, Evenings for the Engaged, or a weekend Engaged Encounter. 

Additional Information: Any previous marriages must be considered and canonically processed by the Church. This process has been considerably streamlined by the Church. It would be important that you see either Father Herman or Ed Nolan in order to fill out the proper forms.


Good Shepherd Sunday

I am the good shepherd and I know mine and mine know me.
I will lay down my life for my sheep.
No one takes (my life) from me but I lay it down on my own.

Happy Good Shepherd Sunday! On this special day, students of our religious education classes in Barona and Viejas receive their First Communion.. What a joy to see these kids receive Jesus for the first time in their lives.  Congratulations kids!!!!

Yes, Jesus is so special in our lives Christians. During his public life, Our Lord always used examples from daily life to explain everything we need to know about the Kingdom of God.  In the Gospel reading which we just heard Jesus tells us the he is like a shepherd who protects his sheep and never abandons them.  Each one of us is a part of that flock of sheep that Jesus shepherds.  And we could say that the Church is like the corral in which the sheep are kept which protects them from Satan, the ferocious wolf, who prowls about the world trying to get into the corral to attack the flock.

The Church is the corral that has only one gate, who is Christ.  And we, the members of the Church, are the flock whose shepherd is Jesus.  Even though in the Church we have human shepherds or pastors who guide us we should realize that Christ is the Good Shepherd who guides our pastors and, through them, he guides us.  But each person has to get to know Jesus for himself or herself.  He or she has to make a conscious decision to follow the Lord or not to do so.  Because, even though our pastors, and even scripture, are there to teach us everything we need to know to discover who Christ is, the decision to follow Christ must be our own.

We should remember that since the first centuries of the Church’s history, the figure of the Good Shepherd has also been identified with the Pope.  He is the Vicar of Christ, the defender of the faith, and the shepherd of souls who guards the sheep of the fold, which is the Church.  Besides the Pope, we also have other shepherds, the bishops and priests, who share the responsibility of guiding the fold.  But we should remember that Christ is really the only Good Shepherd.  He is the one who ultimately guides our shepherds and, through them, us.  Our Lord chose the apostles and he chooses their successors.  Therefore we, like the first Christians should not only follow Jesus, the Good Shepherd, but we should also follow and respect those shepherds that Jesus himself chose, and continues to choose, to guide the Church.

Though let us be careful.  Let us not allow anyone to try to fool us by sowing confusion and disunion in our community.  The Christian who is serious about his or her faith knows that he or she should be committed to following Jesus’ teachings, to doing everything possible to maintain unity within the fold.  Jesus is the only one who can save us, “nor is there anyone other name under heaven given to the human race by which we are to be saved.”

The mission of the Pope is to keep the Church united.  And a good Christian will try to help the church, especially the church community, to remain united, as the Good Shepherd has asked.  The Christian who practices the faith seriously knows that means a commitment to follow Christ.  Following Christ means doing everything possible to maintain unity within the fold.

Let us remember today what Jesus showed us in the Gospel Reading that we just heard.  He not only compares himself with a good shepherd, he is one.  He loves us and guides us as a shepherd guides his flock.  Christ is the only mediator between humanity and God.  He is the Good Shepherd.



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