Weekend of May 18 & 19, 2019
Fifth Sunday of Easter

Mass Schedule                                       

Mass:Wednesday through Friday. Rosary at 7:45 AM, Mass at 8:00 AM.  

Weekends:Saturday, 5:00 PM, Sunday 8:00 AM.

Confessions:Saturday, 3:30 – 4:30 PM

Adoration: 1st Thurs. of the month (6:00 PM) and 1st Fri. of the month (8:00 AM). 

Weekends:Sunday, 10:00 AM.

Confessions: By appointment.

Weekends:Sunday, Noon.

Confessions:By appointment      

Gilbert Rodriguez, Carol Lane, Anita Curo, Sue Kierig, Martha Boone, A. J. Samot, Angelo Samot, Donna Berardi, Secora Nelson, Daniel Vicaldo, Kash Osuna-Sutton, Gabe Dowell, Diana Pico, Dolly Albano, Ray Mayor, Mike Montes, Bobbie Turner, Mary Whitespear, Steve and Vera Tucker, Helen Cadiente, Berniece Marrujo, Mae Guerrero, Susanna Gotell, Stephen Nolan, Agnes Ruiz, Deacon Bill Clarke, Rosario Ravasco, Minerva Mayor, Michele Nikas Beaman, Richard Nikas, Purita Amparo, Wendy Reyes, Alicia Castro, Debbie Gonzalez, Barbara Reeves, Nancy Rourke, Judy Robinson

Please check prayer list and add names as desired.

 Mass Intentions – May 19, 2019

Weekend Masses:         
Sunday, 8:00 AM          Mel and Buddy Curo
Sunday, 10:00 AM        Community of Viejas
Sunday, Noon               Community of Sycuan        



Sycuan:Grades K-8, Class meet at 10:30 a.m. before Sunday Mass, High School - Wednesday at 6:30 pm , new tribal hall. 



Sunday, May 26, 2019 – A special remembrance for our deceased military will take place at the 8:00 AM mass in honor of Memorial Day

Saturday, June 8, 2019 – Sycuan, 11:00 AM Mass and Grave Blessing

Saturday, July 13, 2019 – Conejos, 12:00 PM, Mass and Grave blessing


Father, we thank you so much for our time here together
For all the friends we have made
For all the days of laughter and fun
And for all the times of great discovery and learning.
We thank You for all who have given of their energy and skill
So that we can graduate today.
Our teachers and mentors
Our family and loved ones
We thank You for them and give them all to You in prayer.

As this chapter on our life closes, so a new one begins.
We present ourselves like an open book before You.
Come and scribe Your words of life into our lives -
Fill our minds with Your thoughts
Fill our bodies with Your strength
Fill our hearts with Your dreams
That we might eternally love and serve You
This day and every day.

We ask all this in the glorious name of Jesus
Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit
World without end.

God has chosen to dwell with us.  Share your gifts with others to reveal his presence.


Thank you to our May Crowning Queens, Kirsten Banegas (Barona) and Michaela

 La Chappa (Viejas) and their families for many hours of preparation to make this celebration a success.  Also, to Luis Vasquez in his contribution in honor to the blessed Mother.

In spite of all the declarations of love and affection for the significant people in our lives, we know that deep down, words are cheap.  “Best friends” drift apart, parents and children are estranged, husbands and wives become adversaries in the court rooms.  The word “forever” has ceased to mean “permanent”.  It now means, “until it is no longer convenient,” for me, or maybe even no longer profitable for me.”

One day a presiding priest at a ceremony listened as the beautiful bride and a presentable bridegroom pledged their love for one another.  Love certainly was in the air that day.  In the apartment where he had stayed the night before the wedding, the last thing he heard before he drifted off to sleep, and the first thing he heard when he awoke the next morning was the couple next door bickering and shouting at each other.  That really made him think.  Wasn’t love in the air the day they pledged their love to each other?  What happened since?

“We kill the things we love”, wrote one writer.  Selfishness and loss of self-control do kill love, but the true lover does not kill love, he or she is ready to die for it.

Today, Jesus calls us to a love like His, calls us to a love like His Heavenly Father, and that call is a call to action.  I ask you, which one of us would not die to save some member of our family, or even a very close friend?

In today’s gospel, Jesus leaves his apostles with a new commandment.  “love one another.  As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.” This command is fitting to stir up love in this Easter season.  Why?  Because Easter is a call to Joy and love is its source.  Then what is love?  Is it a feeling?  A mood?  Yes, it is both of these things and far more.  It is an indefinable mystery and a way of life.  St. Paul, in his letter to the Romans, describes love as “sincere, hate what is evil, hold onto what is good, love one another with mutual affection.”

Jesus’ call to love is a call to action.  If we live in Him, we will produce many good deeds.  Our actions of life need always the guidance of the Holy Spirit, or they won’t be actions from a love like Jesus’ own.  If not guided by truth, love is blind, as the saying goes.  And you know what can happen to love when it is blind.  We become capable of terrible things in the name of love.  True love has the best vision.

As we turn now to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, let’s recall how much Jesus loves us, so much so that he left us His Body and Blood in the consecrated bread and wine, His Real Presence!



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